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Jul 20, 2021

Students turn old high school desks into portable vege gardens

When you picture a school desk, vegetables are unlikely to come to mind. But, at Tokoroa High School, that’s exactly what you’ll find.


After seeing disused school desks gathering dust, a group of 16-year-olds put their thinking caps on and decided to turn them into portable vegetable gardens.

The business studies students, who call themselves Vitanic, are taking part in the 2021 Young Enterprise Scheme and, with pre-sales red-hot, they’ve already made the cut for the Rotorua/Taupō/Tokoroa regional final in October.

Chief executive Charla Stretch said they came up with the idea after noting high demand for produce during the 2020 national lockdown while also wanting to create something sustainable.

“The idea was to look at a problem in the community that we could solve so … we decided to focus on the 2020 lockdown of seven weeks and how hard it was to get fresh produce and stay busy,” she said.

“We thought a portable vege garden would be the perfect solution and, because we want to help our community while also helping our environment, we thought recycling things would be a good way to achieve that.

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