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Jul 21, 2016

Students visit Fieldays to check out career pathways

Young Enterprise brought a large group of students to Fieldays to find out about the career options in the primary industries.


Fieldays is the biggest agricultural event in New Zealand, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year. It is an event where those from the farming sector can meet and view farming products and services, take part in competitions and view the latest innovations in machinery. This event runs over four days and is open to the general public.

12 schools, 65 students and 15 teachers attended our EPIC Fieldays event with schools from Auckland and Waikato taking part.

“Young Enterprise got involved in Fieldays this year to get young students, particularly urban Pasifika students, interested in career pathways within the primary industry” said Yolande Rosario.

Fieldays exposed students to a wide array of agricultural occupations that they may have never considered as a career. Students also looked at the impact that technology has on the primary industries, by visiting the technology hub and viewing all the different innovations on display.

The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, meeting Prime Minister John Key during the day and getting treated to a free lunch. They also met some Lion Foundation Young Enterprise students who were exhibiting at Fieldays.

“Watching the students, it was evident that they were blown away by the scale and variety in the primary industries. This increased awareness and appreciation for the industry” says Jane.

The event was overall well-received. The students were engaged and inspired and wanted to know more about the industry. We also received positive feedback from the teachers most of which wanted to take part in further EPIC events facilitated by Young Enterprise.