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Jul 18, 2016

Students win first Massey Innovator's Award

An innovative sheep milk product developed by students has won the first Massey Innovator's Award.

18 07 2016

Year 13 student Benjamin Payne, of Macleans College, believes his team took out the competition because MilkBaa​ is a good idea that has huge potential appeal.

Benjamin was one of a team of eight students from different secondary schools.

The group came up with the idea of fortifying sheep's milk with iodine, calcium and iron to produce a mineral-rich drink for toddlers.

It also developed the cute brand for the product, MilkBaa, and offers flavours such as "straaw-berry", "choco-laate" and "baa-naa-na".

"It was a simple yet effective idea – we identified a problem and provided an attractive and affordable solution," says Benjamin.

The competition, run by the Young Enterprise Trust and Massey University, was part of the annual Enterprise in Action weekend and involved 80 of the country's brightest, business-minded teens.

The university was asked to develop its own challenge focused on stimulating the economy and future prosperity. It chose food innovation because of its significance to the economy.

Winners of the Massey Innovators' Challenge received $5000 in scholarships from the Massey Business School and Massey University College of Health, while all competitors received a $1000 scholarship.


Article courtesy of Stuff