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Jul 05, 2018

Tauranga students create 'gender-neutral' T-shirts

Tauranga Girls' College YES company OffKuts are creating sustainable gender neutral t-shits made from offcut material which would otherwise be discarded.


Abbey Crawford and Skye Lunson-Storey like to shop in the men's section sometimes.

However, they feel they get judged for buying men's clothing.

So the Tauranga Girls' College students have created a gender-neutral T-shirt for males and females to wear.

"Anyone can wear it," Crawford, 17, said.

"Our clothing is not about whether a boy is wearing a pink T-shirt or not," Lunson-Storey, 17, said. "It is about wearing what you like."

Lunson-Storey and Crawford like baggy clothing and do not want to be defined by what they wore.

"If you go into a shop and see a top in the men's section, you feel like you can't buy it because it is the men's section," Crawford said. "We wanted to break those barriers to make it more inclusive to everyone."

"We both like baggy clothing but when you go into the girls' section the clothes are quite small and tight, and that is not really our type of style," Lunson-Storey said.

The girls' business is called Offkuts "with a K" - a sustainable gender-neutral clothing brand made from waste fabric and offcuts.

Lunson-Storey was inspired to use offcuts after working in a textile factory last year.

"A big thing I noticed was if anything was the wrong die colour or fabric offcuts because the fabric is non-biodegradable, it goes straight into the landfill," she said.

"What I wanted to do was recycle those offcuts to create clothing."

Crawford said every top was unique because it was all made from offcuts. "There is not one the same."

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