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May 31, 2021

Teacher relates thoughts on scheme

In it for the long haul . . . South Otago High School deputy principal John Douglas has been involved with the Young Enterprise Scheme for almost as long at the 40-year-old programme has been running.

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The national Young Enterprise Scheme marked its 40th anniversary recently with a celebration held at Te Papa in Wellington.

One of the guest speakers was a senior Balclutha teacher who has been acknowledged as the longest-serving teacher involved in the scheme since its inception in 1980.

No other teacher or scheme staff member has been involved in the scheme for as long as South Otago High School deputy principal John Douglas.

Mr Douglas was invited to speak about his observations and memories of the scheme, which he has been involved with for more than 38 years.

“When we first started with the scheme in 1981, Bruce Cowan was the teacher in charge. He began our long association with the scheme, then I came in the following year,” Mr Douglas said.

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