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Nov 16, 2015

Teen entrepreneurs ready for National Final

Husky Akld Nth winners

The year is swiftly coming to a close for students taking part in The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES). Here at Young Enterprise HQ, we’re gearing up for the YES National Final in December! Nineteen YES Companies from all corners of New Zealand will descend on Wellington to compete in our National Final. Each team will give a five minute presentation to five judges. For these teams, it will be a culmination of all their hard work throughout 2015. The winner will be announced as the supreme winner, The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Company of the Year.

Our Regional Champions for 2015 have created a wide range of products and services. The Bidvest Chef’s Project from Nelson College are the Nelson/Marlborough regional champions. They have gone from strength to strength in their quest to bring personalised culinary experiences to their customers. This social enterprise team of 6 have put together a series of events in Nelson and Wellington, offering customers a chance to cook with amazing chefs such as Benjamin Bayly, Laurent Loudeac and Matt Bouterey.

Customers got to cook a meal and enjoy wine pairings with the chef, with proceeds from each event going to a different charity. The students have managed to create and foster relationships with a number of suppliers and sponsors to make their events successful, including their partnership with Bidvest Food Services, who supplied the ingredients for their events.

Another YES Company competing for the national title is Husky, from Kingsway College who are the Auckland North regional champions. Husky designed “warm and stylish slippers for the sock lover” – a hybrid slipper/sock which is hand crafted from merino wool and suede leather. These comfy and durable products have proved very popular with many customers, including some at Young Enterprise HQ! We’ve heard through reliable sources that they make great travel socks. Husky were invited to speak at the Kea Inspire World Class event, and sold their products at the Indie Markets in September. Their amazing product and hands-on approach mean that they’ll be an interesting one to watch in the future!

Revive ’15, from Villa Maria College are the Canterbury regional champions for 2015. They have overcome many challenges throughout their YES experience. Earlier this year, after settling on St John Ambulance as a charity they wanted to support, they looked to what products they could create and sell. Originally, Revive’15 had planned to make a Canterbury themed ice cream. Unfortunately, part way through the year, their supplier dropped out! Heading back to the drawing board, they connected with The Fudge Cottage to create two flavours of gluten-free fudge (caramel and apple crumble). Revive ‘15 set up distribution relationships with restaurants who sold their fudge. Then, in September, more disaster struck! Three hundred units were in transit to their retail outlets when the delivery vehicle was broken into. Revive’15 have shown wonderful commitment throughout the year, despite their obstacles.

 We look forward to seeing all of our Regional Champions pitch in the National Final! If you’re interested in seeing the teams compete, or celebrating with us at the National Awards, you can contact us at