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Sep 21, 2021

Teens give away te reo-inspired playing cards for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori

A group of Taranaki teens couldn’t remember any fun te reo Māori learning resources from when they were younger – so they created some.


New Plymouth Girls’ High School students Keira Hills-Wilson, 16, Devon Walker, 16, Brooke Hoskins-Lefevre, 17, Natasha Gouldsbury, 16, and Meg MacDonell, 16, run the young enterprise scheme business Ora Cards, which creates te reo games for youngsters to play.

“When we were little, there weren’t many resources, it was just on the white board,” MacDonell said. “We’re all about reviving the Māori language in a fun way.”

They dreamed up their first game, Tahi, this year, and said it’s like Uno but has Kiwi icons on it, and its words are in te reo.

They had a bit of fun and added Kiwi language like, ‘yeah, nah’ as the reverse card.

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