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Apr 27, 2018

Terry Shubkin talks with TWICE Podcast about ‘The Building Blocks of Growing Business’

Terry chatted about building financial literacy capability on the 76th episode of independent digital radio show ‘twice | Talks With Innovators, Creatives & Enterprisers’. With episode host Rebecca Stewart, she also shared stories of her own journey to now, including some revelatory insider stories.

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We are pleased to share the episode here, and reflections on the episode from show creator David Binstead.


From show producer David Binstead

It was a privilege to host Young Enterprise CEO Terry Shubkin as our guest on episode #76, chatting building financial literacy amongst young people, alongside some of her why. We’re really grateful for her time, thoughtfully shared insights, and also the (barely) safe for work stories!  


Reflecting on Rebecca’s chat with Terry, here are some of my standouts:

  • How Terry has embraced and managed failure, and her honesty about sharing why they are important.
  • The importance of having a plan and remaining resilient in the face of adversity while also being adaptable.
  • Trying new stuff, which seems to be a mantra both of hers, and is a central credo of Young Enterprise Trust, and not accepting the status quo.
  • Positioning financial education as bigger than just pocket money; as about life-skills for developing an entrepreneurial mindset to serve young people well in a fast-changing future of work. It’s brilliant that the carefully iterated programme captures such wide appeal, and also absolute relevance 37 years since launching. 

Most of all I was struck by Terry as an infectiously inclusive, down to earth human who builds and nurtures relationships with sponsors, schools, businesses and programme participants. I’d be pleased to hear your episode feedback - contact me via any of the options below.



‘twice’ is Talks With Innovators, Creatives and Enterprisers. It’s a love not money audio project by David Binstead to amplify the stories of people making positive dents on society, via the digital. Episodes strive to get behind the headlines, through personal stories, learns and some of our guests’ journeys to now. I’d be stoked for you to browse and listen to well and lesser-known New Zealand’s change-makers, across 76 regularly published episodes since 2015.



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