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Mar 21, 2018

Timaru teens hope to turn waste into useful product

Four Roncalli College Young Enterprise students are attempting to turn some of Timaru's old plastic bags into a functional product.

Timaru YES company


Year 12 students Sean Gregan, 15, Jan Kuepper, Callum Jamieson and Jacob Ryan, all 16, are part of the school's Young Enterprise group led by teacher Regan Powell. 

The students are raising money to purchase a 3D printer which they will use to make baskets. They plan on using old plastic bags to develop a material suitable for printing the baskets with. 

The four have taken to the streets of Timaru selling sausages to fund their project, but also hope they might gain some financial backing from a business. 

Jan said they planned on making the baskets for retailers to use in their stores, and will enlist the help of their fellow students to "create a funky design to be a bit different".

Sean said if there were ever any issues with the baskets, they could be easily broken down again as they would be made of 100 per cent recyclable plastic. 

"The world needs to be more sustainable," Sean said. 

"[Plastic bags] break down over thousands of years, so we've got a long amount of time and a lot of plastic. The goal is to get rid of plastic." 

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