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Sep 01, 2016

Tips from our Roaming Teachers

We asked our fabulous Roaming Teachers to share some of their favourite tools. What do they use in their classrooms to help their students? Here’s what they came up with.

BP BC Kelston Girls 2016

Lucy Wymer: “Advertising Mailers – collect yours and bring a pile of them to school. Great for cut and stick pictures with junior classes e.g. Needs vs Wants and great for teaching AS1.4 (Marketing Mix). Check your students’ ability to apply the aspects of the Marketing Mix by getting them to apply it to a chosen product from a mailer. Works really well for Product and Price.”  

Lucy has given us a reason to love all the junk mail that turns up in our letterboxes each week! This is such a simple way to visually stimulate student learning. And as Lucy says, it’s an ideal way to help junior students learn about Needs and Wants.


Jane Watson: “Scrum boards are great for YES teams to create an action plan out of their brainstorms. They help the students move forward instead of getting stuck after the brainstorm phase. Plus, you can take a photo of the boards each week and add it to the teams’ evidence of activity.”

If you’re teaching Business Studies Achievement Standard 2.6 or 3.6, scrum boards are an ideal way to get your students focused on the ‘doing’ that comes after their idea generation. The boards will change from week to week as students develop the business, and you can use images to document their progress.

PS: If you like the idea, some Nelson College students have set up a YES company selling scrum boards – check them out here.


Rachel Sherry: “I love Trello - it is simple to use and helps students with their planning.”

Trello is a great little tool for planning – both for teachers and students! You can use it online or via an app, and it’s really simple to get started. Oh, and did we mention it’s free!

Each item within Trello can be shared with or delegated to a student, and you can set deadlines to remind them. At Young Enterprise, we use it for everything from project management to brainstorming ideas for future resources. Many of our YES companies also use Trello as an electronic scrum board.


Simon Murray: “Jump into Pond – Teachers are sharing more and more resources online – there’s stuff there for Internals and Externals.”

The Pond site is fast becoming a great resource hub for teachers. If you haven’t visited it before, jump in and take a look. There’s a lot of resources to suit all the curriculum areas. For example, check out the Young Enterprise Scheme collection to find some brilliant examples of external resources that teachers have shared.


Look out for more tips from our Roaming Teachers soon!