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Feb 26, 2016

Venture Up showcase celebrates top New Zealand young entrepreneurs

Terry Shubkin gives us the lowdown on the end of Venture Up for 2016, covering off all 8 AMAZING teams and what their companies are all about.

venture up

Thanks to Creative HQ, there is now an option for those that picked up the entrepreneurial bug.

Venture Up is an intensive 6-week entrepreneurship acceleration programme for young people aged 16 – 21. This is a life changing experience for these young people, or as one of the participants Sophie Shrimpton said, “You’ve successfully disrupted my life”. But don’t take my word for it. Read what Sophie had to say about her experience in her article in Idealog.


Last week saw the 2016 teams pitch their ideas to a full house of businesspeople in the final Venture Up showcase at Wellington City Gallery. The pitches were incredibly professional, the ideas were exciting, and I can't wait to see what these guys achieve in the future!


If you missed the AMAZING pitches at the showcase evening, check out details of the teams below:

  • Part-Timer: An online platform that connects high school students with part time jobs through personalities, not CV’s
  • Intrude-a-lock: A device that offers peace of mind & security to help travellers identify where illicit baggage tampering has occurred while in transit.
  • Crave: A simplified online platform to solve social indecision around choosing what and where to eat at meal times for busy professionals.
  • Influencer: A service that builds meaningful relationships between influential ‘Instagrammers’ and brands to create organic marketing.
  • MultiMenu: Simplifying complicated restaurant menus to make dining more accessible for tourists and anyone wanting clarity when ordering.
  • Relay: A platform that allows for a peer to peer delivery network personal pick up/ drop off service to save your time.
  • Story Unfolded: A web-based platform that harnesses the power of storytelling to connect small charities with potential donors.
  • Youth on Board: A service that aims to expose old spaces to young faces through placing youth in areas of business providing feedback to board level.