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May 16, 2019

Vietnam Reflection - Detroit Hale

I have also gained a lot of great business partners throughout the trip and have gained insightful knowledge on each of their individuals business and how they benefit society.


Before i get into this I would like to thank the young enterprise scheme foundation and sea cape for dedicating their time and funding into providing us with this life changing trip

Since going to vietnam my perspective on life and business has changed drastically the main perspective change in terms of business is because of the constant work I have been doing on akushi which lead to me not really fully embracing the trip to its full extent this regret has shown me that i may need to tone down my business mindset and just focus more on life instead of on Akushi. This is one of my biggest regrets as i believe i did fully enjoy vietnam as the other members did and will continue to be one of my biggest regrets for the rest of my life I believe

Another business mindset i have changed is my mindset that i must control everything as that has proven to be not healthy in terms of physically and intellectually as shown on the trip as i collapse of exhaustion on thursday due to staying up late working on my business. As shown in the previous example i have not only been the sole runner of my business practically but i have beens hlouldering everything. So what the vietnam trip has shown me is that i must split up the workload to maintain my sanity and health this is now being implemented into my business though the use of a new contract that states that any and all information related to Akushi must be on a shared document to ensure that everyone knows what is going on a majority of the time.

Another thing that i have changed in terms of an intellectual changes is my mindset to other cultures as before i came on the trip i sort of mocked the way certain cultures live as they did not meet my expectations on living a happy life but after seeing everyone in the vietnamese culture and their overall positive attitude i now have a different perspective on the way they live this perspective is now pretty much about respect as i have gained new insight into their actual lives and the daily struggles that these people face each day.

I have also gained a lot of great business partners throughout the trip and have gained insightful knowledge on each of their individuals business and how they benefit society as now i have turned my company into a social enterprise who has the aim of funding the continued operations of the young enterprise scheme as i believe they are a great charity for young people such as myself and the fact they are the main reason i am now the CEO/Finance Administrator of my successful Akushi company.

Another thing i have gained on the vietnam trip is a lot of great new friends who are passionate about business as before most of my actual friends are either interested in sport of science which has given me a lot of trouble of finding things in common with. I think during the trip the best mates i gained were the lads and now the twins as i am trying to support them financially and intellectually in terms of running their business as i have learned from them that they are having a hard time running their actual business in their set areas due to lack of knowledge and funding in which i hope to provide.

And perhaps the biggest thing i have gained from the trip is the intellectual knowledge on the ins and outs of the vietnamese economy as i have conducted some personal investment into the area and am now hoping for expansion of akushi into Australia International School this has only been a possibility because of this great opportunity that the young enterprise scheme has provided for us and I would like to sincerely thank colin and liz for this amazing opportunity that this has given me and my business

I would also like to thank the speakers at each of the businesses we visited as they have been a great inspiration for me in terms of what they do and how they manage their workers and such as i have gained valuable leadership knowledge from them and hope that each of their companies prosper as i believe my personal company will

And now onto my final discussion which will be on how vietnam has completely changed my life and how i hope to incorporate the lessons learned while in vietnam to my business and everyday life so for starters i would like to become a vegetarian as the visit to the chicken factory sort of messed with my head as i did not like how they were constantly being processes on the big conveyor belt. Secondly i would also like to change my business structure for Akushi as i have gained a lot of insightful knowledge on work delegation as shown by tale city and KOTO as of now i do not know how i am going to do this complete restructure for my business but somehow i will find a way to integrate these ideas into my business.thirdly i would like to expand into the vietnamese market as i have found a lot of opportunities of expansion into that market. And finally i have changed my approach to new business partners in general as i tend to just talk about my business and the future opportunities they are given if they invest. So now what i plan to do is to talk about something more common and not just about business as i have only built a reputation of being incredibly business like which has tended to intimidate people as they believe they could not keep up with me as they tend to think about things other than solely business as i have done fo the past few years

Thanks again to Colin Kennedy and Liz pittman for providing us this opportunity to go to vietnam and SEA CAPE for providing all the funding for the trip and once again through this google doc i must conclude all of the vietnam trip tasks which is really sad thank you