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Jul 11, 2016

A Gisborne student has successfully tackled one of the biggest challenges facing the world — how to produce more nutritious food.

Kenya Akuhata-Brown, a Year 13 student from Lytton High School, was one of a team that won the Massey Innovator’s Award with an idea of fortifying sheep’s milk with iodine, calcium and iron to produce a mineral-rich drink for toddlers.

09 07 2016

The team also developed a brand for their product, MilkBaa, offering flavours like ‘‘straaw-berry’’, ‘‘choco-laate’’ and ‘‘baa-naa-na’’.


The Massey Innovator’s Challenge, run by the Young Enterprise Trust and sponsored by Massey University, was held at the University of Auckland as part of the annual Enterprise in Action weekend. It involved 80 of the country’s brightest, business-minded teenagers.


Massey was asked to develop its own challenge focused on stimulating New Zealand’s economy and future prosperity. The university says it chose food innovation because of its importance to the country’s economy, but also because feeding the world well will become increasingly difficult in coming decades.


Kenya says her team won the competition because MilkBaa was a good idea that had universal appeal.


“It was an innovative product that could have a real impact on our future. MilkBaa targeted young people and their health, an issue that New Zealand is having trouble with.”


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