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Aug 03, 2019

Young Enterprise businesses sell their products at trade fair

There were wheat bags, scented candles, book art and plant holders at the Hāwera High School trade fair.


There were wheat bags, scented candles, book art and plant holders at the Hāwera High School trade fair.

The Year 12 and 13 students made environmentally friendly objects as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme.

Business owners of KB creations, Bianca Huff and Kayla Hitchcock, were selling book art and clock art at the trade fair.

"Last year we sold book art as part of the scheme. Book art is when we use the pages of a book to make a word. This year we added the clock art. Clock art is when we stick a clock face on the cover of a book," Kayla says.

Bianca says each piece of art takes two hours to make.

"Last year we made $2000 from selling our book art. Since it was successful, we decided to do it again this year."

Cire De Bougie owners Kyo Torrey and Jaylee Bardsley were selling six types of soy wax scented candles.

Jaylee says the reason behind selling the candles was because they suit all ages.

"Everyone loves candles. They also make the house smell really nice."

Kyo says the business put a lot of work into making the candles.

"We melted the soy wax, poured it into one of our containers and then used a dropper to add the scents in. We then stirred it, added the wick and then let the wax cool down and add stickers and labels to the containers."

Jaylee says the process was stressful but rewarding.

Brett Mayeo and Savannah White were selling natural wheat bags for their business Bugday Wheat Bags.

Savannah says the word bugday is wheat in Turkish.

"All the wheat used in our wheat bags is non chemical and we upcycled the material. A lot of fabric goes to waste so we decided to make these as a way to help the environment."

Brett says all together, the business owners spent 72 hours to hand make the wheat bags.

"We have made $600 already since we started selling them."

T Style business owners Shaun Fowler, Rhys Hurley, Tre Robinson and Tuki Vaine were selling baseball caps.

"The caps feature a bull logo with a 'T' in the middle as the bull is a Taranaki icon for rugby. For the first batch we brought the white caps from a store and then had them embodied locally but for the second batch we will be selling black baseball caps."


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