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Jan 31, 2018

Young entrepreneurs celebrate release of Heartland hangi-flavoured potato chips

Lincoln High School 2016 YES Company Parareka have continued their business and their Hangi flavour potato chips are hitting the shelves this week.

Parareka Chips

It's crunch time for a group of enterprising Kiwi students as their hangi flavoured potato chips are launched to the public this week.

The eight former Lincoln High School students hope New Zealanders and the touring public will like the new chips, which took two years to hit shelves.

Sarah Freeman, whose family recently moved to Owaka in the Catlins, is part of the group who came up with the new chip flavour as part of the national Young Enterprise Scheme two years ago. 

The scheme aims to teach students how to start a business.

The year 13 students had the choice of creating a start-up, or developing a new product within an existing business.

They decided on creating a new potato chip flavour for South Canterbury company Heartland Potato Chips.

Their flavour – hangi – was inspired by the Māori method of cooking food in an earth pit.

"Our goal was to give our project a New Zealand aspect," Freeman said.

The fact potato chips were so universally popular was also a factor in the project. 

The students formed a company called Parareka, after the Māori word for potato, and created a logo.

Using their entrepreneurial skills, they approached Heartland, the Bowan family-owned business in Washdyke, near Timaru.

The potato-growing, chip-making business owners embraced the idea of a novel chip with a distinctly Kiwi flavour.

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