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Aug 08, 2017

Young entrepreneurs colouring in Bay in business project

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A group of young entrepreneurs are promoting some of the Bay's top spots in a unique way during the next few months.

Colour Hawke's Bay, a team of four Havelock North High School students, Marleen Slabbekoorn, Imke Kitchin, Rebecca Jackson and Kendyll Miller, have created a colouring book featuring 17 destinations located in the region as part of this year's Young Enterprise Scheme.


CEO Marleen Slabbekoorn said after bouncing some ideas around the room, creating exposure for where they lived was something they wanted to achieve.

"How awesome would it be for people to take a book back onto the cruise ship after visiting for the day and colouring in places they have just been?

"We are promoting Hawke's Bay in a very different way that has not been done before."

Each page features a well-known local business with images that best describe them for people to colour in as well as a small blurb about them.

Miss Jackson, the artist, said she would research and find different images that represented what they sold or promoted.

"I would collage the images together depending on who they were so for Rush Munroe I used icecream, for Te Awanga Wines I used wine bottles and for the gannet safari I used gannets."

Miss Jackson said it was a lot of work but the highlight for her was seeing all of her work printed on the page and ready for people to colour in.

The team recently won the Hawke's Bay Dragons Den Finals for their idea, which was one of the prestigious competitions within the Young Enterprise Scheme.


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