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Sep 02, 2019

Young South Canterbury entrepreneurs move on to selling phase of business

Three teams of young South Canterbury entrepreneurs have spent months researching their products, and refining their business plans, and now it's time to get selling.


Three teams of young South Canterbury entrepreneurs have spent months researching their products, and refining their business plans, and now it's time to get selling.

Young Enterprise Scheme (Yes) participants, Patiti Points from Roncalli College and two Timaru Boys' High School groups - Exescent and SnowCo - launched their products last Thursday evening, marketing products sourced and manufactured by the groups.

Excescent's Fender Defender (a product designed to protect car panels when working in the engine bay), Patiti Points' reusable bags and SnowCo's wine boxes are now for sale, with group members researching ways of marketing their products throughout South Canterbury, and the rest of the country.

Patiti Points member, and Roncalli College Year 12 student Grace Scarsbrook said the group had an "extremely successful night being supported by the members of our community" at the launch.

 "Next from here is the sale of our products Patiti Points' reusable bag, Excescent's Fender Defender and SnowCo's wine boxes.

"We are going to be selling our products within the community and potentially nationwide. We want to show Timaru that the future of business will be one that will be looked after and one to look forward to." ​

Scarsbrook said Patiti Points planned to target campervan companies and souvenir stores around the country to stock their bags.

"We have a Facebook and Instagram account that we are trying to market ourselves on and we are currently in the process of creating a website so our product can be purchased online."

Yes is a year-long programme, backed by the South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce, where students set up and run an actual company, complete with real products and services. These companies carry real profit and loss, with team members financially and emotionally invested in businesses, just as any person starting out with their own enterprise. 

"Ideally we want to win regionals on October 30 so we can attend Yes nationals in Wellington at the end of the year," Scarsbrook said.

South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce chief executive Wendy Smith said Thursday night's Young Enterprise Product launch was a great promotion and demonstrated the "can do" attitude of the teams.

"These young people are our future and this year we were able to offer all the Yes students Chamber membership," she said. 

"This has included access to business leaders, attendance at events and free fliers and promotions. Great work and a huge congratulations goes out to our Yes teams."

Yes students raised about $1700 through raffles, auctions and sales at the launch.

More than 40 people gave an emphatic Yes to the efforts of three teams entrepreneurs at the Ara Starz Restaurant.


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