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Feb 14, 2019

ZURU Internship - Grayson Ashby

Here is a little bit about what I have been up to at ZURU!

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The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme was one of the most hectic, challenging and awesome experience of my life! I started the year hanging out with mates with an idea to build Ebikes for our YES company - not knowing the skipped lunchtimes and hard work that was to follow!


I first met Nick Mowbray, CO-CEO of ZURU toys, at The Young Enterprise Business Hall of Fame, we talked about what my YES company was trying to achieve and he gave me tips about how to reach them. 


Fast forward 3 months to when the chance to apply for an internship position at ZURU New Zealand's office popped up, I jumped on it quick! Originally applying with a 2 minute video outlining why I was the best candidate for the position, I was contacted and told I had been selected for a 6 week stint at one of the fastest growing toy companies in the world! 


My role at ZURU is working with International Brand Developers to create a range of fast moving commercial goods for new age consumers. The likes of Allbirds, Halo Top and Method all use targeted social and digital media to create brands desired by today's millennial population - each one having an edge on their competitors. I will be helping to coordinate the launch of Rascal + Friends into a range of new overseas markets, creating social media campaigns and working with influencers to help promote new brands.


So what have I learnt at the school of ZURU? The school that teaches you the real ins and outs of a multi-billion dollar company? Firstly that there are people working on things you never even knew needed to be worked on. That 10+ hour days are the norm in this fast paced line of work. The ability to leverage social and digital media in 2019 is easier than ever - making brands relevant to new ages consumers. But most of all, that ZURU plays hard but works even harder!