Get involved - join the Young Enterprise family

We are lucky enough to be supported by a huge band of fantastic volunteers throughout the country. Not only do our students find great value in the expert advice that our volunteers contribute, the volunteers themselves find the experience to be just as rewarding. There's plenty of ways to help out, let us know how you'd like to be involved.

As a mentor you get the opportunity to help guide and develop a talented group of enterprising students as they compete in The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme program or attend the annual Enterprise in Action Weekend.

What's required?

As a YES Mentor:

I'd like to volunteer as a Mentor
For everything I put into mentoring a team, I truly get significantly more back. Just being exposed to the vivacity and enthusiasm of young students is incredibly uplifting... And its FUN!
Ken Williamson, Crombie Lockwood

With a shorter time commitment but a long lasting impact, coaching enables you to offer your expert advice to YES teams as they begin their business at an E-Day or grow the company throughout the year.

What's required?

Mentor at an Kickstart | Tīmata:

  • 1 Hour commitment 
  • One-off commitment in February/March 
  • Opportunity available in all regions 
I'd like to volunteer as a Coach
In no one space have I found as much creativity, maturity and professionalism among teens as I did while speed coaching on YES’s recent Eday.
Jeff Kohen, Entrepreneur

Being a judge lets you experience the exceptional ideas that Young Enterprise students come up with. Whether it be at a Junior Enterprise Challenge, BP Business Challenge or with The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme, there's plenty of opportunities to get involved.

What's required?

Judge at a BP Business Challenge

  • 3 hour commitment
  • One-off commitment according to schedule
  • Opportunities available across the country

Judge at a YES event (Dragons Den, EIA, or National Awards)

  • 2-3 hours commitment 
  • One-off commitment between February - November
  • Opportunities available across the country 
I'd like to volunteer as a Judge
The students at this afternoon's session blew me away. The ideas from some of the groups would easily challenge those of even some of the more experienced business people... I discovered among these young entrepreneurs a mosaic of qualities that I had not expected to find.
Alan Chew, Houston Technology Group