Enterprise Studies

This is a flexible programme delivered over 1 or 2 terms, featuring 2 modules: ‘Thinking Big’ and ‘Market Day’. For ‘Thinking Big’, students examine NZ entrepreneurs. Students also look at the personality traits they’d need to be successful. In the ‘Market Day’ module, teams of students create a product or service to be sold at a market.

Year 9-10
1-2 terms

Social Sciences

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Student learning

Through Enterprise Studies, students will

  • Identify traits common among entrepreneurs
  • Learn how to think creatively to add value to products
  • Work in teams to create and promote a product
  • Understand the importance of keeping accurate financial records

Curriculum links

Enterprise Studies suits the Social Sciences learning area, particularly the ‘Economic World’ and ‘Identity, Culture and Organisation’ strands. The programme can be included in a full-year Social Studies course, or run as a separate course over 1 or 2 terms. It can also be integrated into other subject areas including Technology, Business and Commerce.