GrowingNZ Innovation Challenge

This four lesson programme challenges year 9-10 students to research a real-life situation within the food and fibre sectors.

Year 9-10
1-3 weeks

Social Sciences

Free to NZ schools
Led by teachers Training Available
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The Growing NZ Innovation Challenge requires students to apply their subject knowledge to design and build a prototype solution to a real-life situation faced by New Zealand’s food & fibre sectors.

For students with an interest in STEM or social science subjects, the challenge is based on the principles of learning by doing, design thinking and industry engagement. It is the perfect mash up of the science, technology and social science subjects.

The challenge can be done as a facilitated Innovation Challenge day for year 10 students, or as a teacher led classroom project.

Facilitated Challenge Day:

Tuesday 24th May

Dunedin Public Art Gallery

9:30am – 2:30pm

Register your interest by email to

More events to come.

Classroom Project

The project will take 3-4 weeks. A teaching guide shows you how to run the challenge through four lessons, finishing with the students doing a presentation of their findings and ideas. There are 16 different challenges to choose from.

A student work-book will help the students to be self-directing if you wish, once they have come up with an idea to work on.

Curriculum links

The GrowingNZ Innovation Challenge has strong links to Level 4 and 5 of the science, technology, social sciences and English learning areas.