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How we do it:

We’re committed to inspire young people to discover their potential in business and in life. That’s why we’ve built programmes to help them at every age and at every step of the way.

Young Enterprise

We’ve hit new highs with the YES programme having more student participation than ever before.

Extreme Experiences

We’ve been busy rallying our most passionate YES students for our annual Entrepreneurs in Action weekend, and sending them on overseas business experiences to Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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YES Alumni

We have an incredible network of alumni who have participated
in YES over the last 40 years! Join our Alumni Programme to
stay up to day with all things YES!

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None of this would be possible without our great  sponsors

Our sponsors, donors, supporters and volunteers are our biggest enablers, and we can always use your help in changing the lives of thousands of students every year!


We love our sponsors, and so should you. There are plenty of ways that you can help out - you can join our supporter whānau ranging from one-off donations through to Platinum Sponsorship.


Not only do our students find great value in the expert advice that our volunteers contribute, but the volunteers themselves also find the experience to be very rewarding.


For a small, lean charity we do a lot for young people across New Zealand, but we rely on the help of our generous sponsors, supporters and donors.

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