The desire to give comes from the  heart, but the ability to make a long-lasting difference comes with  a bit of planning.  

Learn more about the Young Enterprise Forever Fund , how you can make a gift in your will, and a Wording example.

What is the Young Enterprise Forever Fund?

Like all charities, Young Enterprise ends up spending a lot of time and effort chasing funding for basic operations each year.  An ideal year sees a small surplus.  But all it takes is a large unplanned expense, an unexpected decline from a grant, a cancellation of a sponsorship contract, or even a global pandemic and that small surplus becomes a deficit.

To protect the organisation from this ongoing annual risk, the Trustees have chosen to create an endowment fund, which we are calling our “Forever Fund”. An endowment fund is an investment portfolio where the initial capital is derived from donations or bequests. That capital is invested, and the returns can be used to cover an operating shortfall if needed, or to fund new projects to help create more reach or more impact.

Young Enterprise has chosen to work with Perpetual Guardian who is the professional Trustee of the Young Enterprise Forever Fund under the umbrella of the Perpetual Guardian Foundation.

Why leave a gift in your will?

We are inviting raving fans of Young Enterprise to consider leaving a gift in your will for the Young Enterprise Trust Forever Fund. Your gift will not help today’s YES students or even tomorrow’s YES students. It will help YES students well into the future. And it will ensure that Young Enterprise as a charity will be financial stable for decades or more.

Add to the forever fund

Give today

All donations to the Young Enterprise Forever Fund are tax deductible, subject to taxable income level. While regular donations to the Trust are used to support current YES students, Forever Fund donations will be invested and held to be used to support future generations of YES students.

Give what you can

Whether your gift is a significant sum, or a smaller (but still valued) slice of the pie, it contributes to the building of a community of supporters who collectively are investing in Young Enterprise.

Give tomorrow

After taking care of family and friends, raving fans of Young Enterprise can leave a lasting legacy in their will with a bequest to the Forever Fund.

Making a gift in your will

When preparing your will, we recommend you seek the assistance of a legal professional be that your family solicitor or a professional trustee company (such as Perpetual Guardian), to ensure your wishes are properly recorded. Experienced estate planners can guide you in the establishment of a variety of gift types, including:

Pecuniary Gift

This is a specific sum of money in your will is gifted to the Young Enterprise Forever Fund.

Residual Gift

This means leaving the remainder (or percentage thereof) of your estate to the Young Enterprise Forever Fund, after your loved ones have been considered and any expenses deducted.

Percentage Bequest

This is used if you wish to divide your estate among a number of people or organisations.

Wording Example

“I give (the sum of $_______) or (a ____% of my estate) to the Young Enterprise Trust Forever Fund under the umbrella of the Perpetual Guardian Foundation (CC5117) for its endowment fund. If at the date of my death or the date of distribution of my estate, the Young Enterprise Trust Forever Fund does not exist then to Young Enterprise Trust (CC21103). A receipt from the appointed officer of the Foundation or the Trust shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the said gift.”