bp Business Challenge

Applications for 2024 bp Business Challenges close at the end of Term 3.

Year 10-11
3 days
Free to NZ schools
Facilitated by Young Enterprise
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 The bp Business Challenge is a one of a kind, hands-on learning event where students are introduced to entrepreneurship, can develop their employability skills, work in teams to come up with a business idea, and share their ideas with business people.

This is a facilitated programme for 60-100 students.

The programme lasts three days, but can be shortened to two days. Three days is recommended for the best outcome and experience for the students.

Student learning

At a bp Business Challenge students:

  • Are introduced to business concepts and models
  • Learn how to come up with a business idea
  • Are introduced to the business planning process for a viable business
  • Create and pitch their own sustainable business idea
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset and employability skills
  • Consider how kaitiakitanga, innovation and enterprise benefit society

Curriculum links & Teacher Stuff

The bp business challenge is for year 10-11 students. The programme covers learning in English, Mathematics and Statistics, Social Sciences, and Commerce subjects. The bp business challenge makes a great starting-block for a Level 1 Commerce course, particularly if the course includes a business activity.

Participating students can be assessed by the school for the unit standard US9681 (Contribute with a team or group which has an objective, L3, 3 credits). The Trust can provide an assessment and exemplar, but the facilitators will not grade the students.

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Programme Chapters

Day 1

Students taking part will:

  • Make a team and get creative with some team building activities
  • Have a go at pitching a simple product idea
  • By starting with a problem and their pūtake, come up with an idea for a business
  • Explore sustainable business in a circular economy and the concept of kaitiakitanga in business
  • Share the business idea to the wider group

Day 2

Students taking part will:

  • Take ownership of a specific area of the business: CEO, production, marketing, strategy & sustainability, finance
  • Develop the whanaungatanga of their team
  • Learn some key content and make decisions about their business
  • Develop their part of the business pitch

Day 3

Students taking part will:

  • Finalise and practise their business pitch
  • Pitch their business idea to business judges and get feedback to     develop and improve their idea and pitch
  • Reflect on what they’ve learnt from the bp Business Challenge.

There aren’t any downloads available for this programme but don’t worry! Facilitators will provide the content for the programme when they get to your school.