Hot Topic 12: Flatting

The Hot Topics series includes 12 short units designed to improve students’ financial capability. Hot Topic 12 will help students learn about flatting, including their rights, responsibilities and financial implications. Students will look at costs including bond and letting fees, and will complete a tenancy agreement.

Year 10-12
4-8 hrs

Mathematics and Statistics

Social Sciences

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Student learning

Through this Hot Topic, students will

  • Learn about the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords
  • Become familiar with key terms used in tenancy agreements and flatting situations.

Curriculum links

Personal Financial Management is a fundamental part of a young person’s education. The Hot Topics series is designed to support the development of the key competencies. The series also has links to the Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas.

Students taking part will

  • Discuss the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants
  • Find out what details are required in a tenancy agreement
  • Complete a Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Discuss common problems in a flatting scenario and their possible solutions
  • Complete a Flat Sharing Agreement

Download includes:

  • Activity: Flatting Workbook
  • Exemplar: Flat or house sharing agreement