Achieving a Financial Goal: US 28100

This resource helps students to set and achieve a long-term personal financial goal using a budget. It will also help teachers to deliver the Financial Capability Unit Standard 28100 ‘Develop a plan to show how a budget contributes to achieving a long-term personal financial goal’ (Level 3, 4 Credits).

Level 3, 4 Credits
35-40 hrs

Mathematics and Statistics
Social Sciences
Level 3 Financial Capability Unit Standard

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The last date for assessment for the old versions of the unit standards was 31 December 2022. You should now be using the new standards. Therefore, the existing versions of our resources are now obsolete. The new resources for this assessment is ready to download.
Resources and assessments for most of the other unit standards are available from Sorted in Schools.

Curriculum links

Financial Capability is a core generic domain on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. This unit of work also has links to the Social Sciences and Mathematics and Statistics learning areas.

Students will:

  • How to set SMART long-term financial goals
  • Learn what a personal budget is
  • Prepare a budget
  • Learn how to use the budget to achieve the financial goal
  • Develop a financial plan
  • Identify factors that may affect the achievement of the goal
  • Complete practice activities to help prepare for the assessment

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Download includes:

  • Using Financial Capability Unit Standards
  • Interactive Student Workbook
  • Financial plan template
  • Helpful information